The Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data Analysis Ecosystem: a collection of python libraries for distributed fiber optic sensing.

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The Distibuted Acoustic Sensing Data Analysis Ecosystem (DASDAE) organization seeks to provide a collection of interoperable Python libraries for distributed acoustic sensing (DAS).


DASCore is a foundational package of DASDAE. It facilitates rapid development of other DASDAE packages that do more specialized analysis/visualization. It has a high standard of documentation, style and testing to ensure other DASDAE packages can reliably build on it. Additional DASCore tutorials and documentation can be found here.

externalio is an example package which shows users how to create plugins to support their own data formats without needing to incorporate those into the DASCore I/O capabilities. This may be appropriate for new experimental or proprietary formats, or for users who are not yet comfortable enough with their coding skills to contribute to the general code base.

dasclients is a package for working with remote data and cloud resources.

MultiResViewer is a package that enables multi-resolution visualization of large-scale high-resolution data.

low_freq_real_time_proc is a package that enables creation of low-frequency versions of long DAS data streams in real time as files are acquired. Note: some of these capabilities are being merged into DASCore.

SpoolProcessing is a package that can do some basic downsampling (with anti-alias) or standard deviation processing of data. Note: some of these capabilities are being merged into DASCore.

Feedback and Support

See the contributing docs for information about being a contributor to DASDAE packages.

Use the project discussions to ask a question about DASCore or the overall DASDAE organization. All other DASDAE packages maintain their own discussions pages within their GitHub repositories.

Use the project issues to report an issue with DASCore, or the relevant project issues page in any DASDAE repository to report issues with other packages.

Additionally, relevant points of contact for each repository are listed here.